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Question of the day:

“My husband is starting his own business, thankfully. We need to print lots of glossy brochures, letterheads and of course business cards. The question is: should we use a laserjet printer or an inkjet printer? What is the lowest DPI we should aim for? Thanks so much Rush Hour Printing & Graphics.

Thanks, Maida”.

Answer from Rush Hour Printing and Graphics:

From Jean,

“Hello, Maida. Thank you for the inquiry. You can opt to go for either laser or inkjet for the type of work you are looking to do. If you are not printing photos in the brochure, then the laser would probably reduce the text and look more professional. We say this because inkjet actually almost always has a degree of splatter and you want to avoid that as much as possible. You can use both, but keep that in mind. Printers will really never go above 300 DPI in terms of pixel with regards to the reproduction of pictures. So, you want to make sure you understand that the numbers are made up by the manufacturers for marketing and are meant to convey how the printers will produce small color ink drops on paper. For laser printers, you are looking at about 600 DPI and should be able to print size 8 font clearly. A lot of the premade paper made specifically for printing are matte finished. So, you need to find the glossy paper and then print on them. However, if you are going to print photographs and graphics, make sure you come to us because personal printers will not do any justice for the company. Our commercial printers will be more capable of giving you the finish you are looking for. Before you invest on a printer, come to see us and let us give you an estimate for the current job and future potential jobs you may need.

Thanks Again Maida,


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