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We offer a range of services and target several markets within this industry. We cater to businesses and growth development as enterprises as well as Fundraisers, Wedding Planners and Event Managers. We are a solutions company and assist universities, private schools, religious organizations, political groups and all possible celebratory event organizers in their efforts to launch the best event or campaign with the support of printed materials.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design experience for more than 20 years. Education, Experience and commitment to the success of all our clients, Rush Hour Printing and Graphics ensures all graphics are done prior to printing. 


Eco-friendly printing with a touch of expertise in the artistic world, Rush Hour Printing and Graphics offers the fastest and most affordable printing in the market, with the highest quality in the industry!

Website Development

Modern Websites built from scratch from e-commerce to one-page landing pages, Rush Hour Printing and Graphics has the solutions you need for all business occasions and non-profit ventures.

"Printing is the Ultimate Gift of God and in fact the Greatest One” Martin Luthar (1517)


Our work is guaranteed to pass your taste test or your money back. We guarantee that prior to closing this order, you will be a satisfied client. Our word is our bond and we believe in the commitment to our customers as much as we believe in the art of printing as being one of the best marketing tools of the 21st century!


Our team is made up of reliable, committed, educated and experienced graphic designers and printing experts. Our team is dedicated to the servicing of all customers, and as such, is trained specifically to handle all customer service requests promptly, securely and surely.


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