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If you are an architect, printing can help you connect with your clients in a more personal way, more visual – allowing your business to grow and your firm to strengthen as a brand in the in the ever so free and fast market.

Large Format Printing

Technical drawings, plans, blueprints – you need those materials to produce the results your looking for. Large format scans, oversized copies, digital printing, 3D printing, large format technology can be easily attained through Rush Hour Printing. Artwork that is bigger than life is possible here at RHPG because we have the right equipment for you, your success is possible here. You can always print laminated formats and add even more protection to the printing, adding layers to your value.

Managing your Documents

Managing your records, plans, important documents and project proposals is extremely important, especially in the architecture and engineering industry. Although a lot of recordkeeping is done online, but clients will want to see printed hard copies in-hand for easier access and better readability.

Custom Book Press

Some clients will want to see your work in printed format and you will want to show off your achievements and highlight the perfect pictures you took of the work you have done, or a catalogue with your work and projects published. You will want it hung in your office walls because it represents your success. You will want to print with Rush Hour Printing and get your work exposed.

Signage Printing

This would be ideal for your firm to make sure the brand you represent is obvious and immediately accessible. Customers need to be able to recognize your brand as soon as they step into the firm. This is where your work will become significant and the customers will be aware of your position in the market. Your logo, signs with your firm’s name, project sites where your work played a significant role in a framed picture in the main wall, or several of them throughout the office. There are a lot of ways of using printing to gain brand awareness.

3D Printing

The next phase for printing is 3D printing. 3D Printing technology is best in industries where life-size examples are often required prior to gaining any contract. 3D printing would be amazing for an architect because it could create a small version of what could be achieved, the taste and preferences, the skills and expertise could be visible through 3D printing.

Rush Hour Printing and Graphics is looking to serve you in all possible ways. Our printing skills come from years of experience in this field. Our graphic designers are incredible at what they do. Check out our reviews on Google and Yelp. Our word is our bond.

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