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As a business owner who is involved in the running of a business, creating brand recognition should be your priority because it gives you an edge over your competition. This can be done by ensuring that your customized envelopes bear identifiers such as your company logo because it will help your brand to become entrenched in the minds of your customers and other prospects. Besides your custom envelopes, your stationeries should also be incorporated with your business identifiers.

It is imperative to ensure that your letterhead, business cards, and envelopes have a uniform look. Let Rush Hour Printing and Graphics services create customized envelopes that will earn you brand recognition. We have quick turnaround times and offer high-quality products. We use the best quality paper and inks to print custom envelopes. We can help you create unique ways of making your mails recognizable. Therefore, you can trust us with all your envelope printing needs in Washington, DC.

At Rush Hour printing and Graphics, we have a reputation for giving our customers trusted brand names due to our professional printing services. We believe in the importance of customer satisfaction and strive to achieve it. For a fair price, we can make customized envelopes of all sizes for you. We also make envelopes with or without windows depending on our customers’ need.

File Formats:

The acceptable file formats are; .PNG., .EPS, .PDF, .PSD, .JPG, .TIFF, .TIF and .AI. The proper setup of the artwork must be guaranteed by the client and that it is print-ready if they are giving the material for it. The company will prepare the printing for the customer and request for approval if Rush Hour Printing and Graphics is utilized for the artwork.


The file formats need to be no less than 300 dpi (dot per inch) resolution. The images that are used on the web cannot be used for printing because of a low screen resolution (72dpi), and thus the least requirement should be met to ensure the highest quality of the final product.

Color Mode:

The color mode that should be used is CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) when providing all artwork and images to be used. The gray scale color mode should be used for corresponding black and white pieces.


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