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The music industry can benefit from printing in more ways than one. First of all, it is possible for musicians to distribute their work if they print flyers, the CD front, and back covers, and for business cards. The demand for printing is huge in any industry, but specifically given the fact that everything related to music is online nowadays, it is essential to print in order to differentiate the musician from the rest of the artists. It is certainly a way to have a competitive edge, an advantage that no other artist will have since they are all thinking ‘online’ right now. Let’s talk about printing 3D records.

3D printing and music are very much connected, they have this isolated importance in our lives that drives from tact and visualization. 3D printing is certainly on top of the aural arts and music is definitely one of them. 3D printing has come to change the way we think about the world. This is why it is so important that artists today focus on printing to gain popularity and build on their brand recognition.

3D printing manages the bridge between the online, virtual world and the classic, physical world. Making it possible to intertwine the too and profit immensely from using this tactic. Designer and physicist Amanda Ghassaei converted a digital audio into a 3D printed record, which means it plays music, this printed artifact plays music. Making a record in a UV curable resin, Amanda is the leader in the world of music and record printing.

Another incredible way in which 3D printing can be used in the music industry is by printing the instruments. Can you believe that there are guitars, drums, pianos, and saxophones already printed? This incredible phenomenon has brought together artists with the public in an unprecedented manner and for this, is going to rock the way we print and listen to music. Olaf Diegel 3D printed an electric guitar which he uses to perform and which features the New York Skyline, the Statue of liberty and some Americana icons.

In other words, printing is for all and all are for printing. We must embed this printing format into the way we do business if we want to be different and grasp the attention of our public.


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