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Did You Know That About 90% Of All Millennials Actually Love Going Through Their Mail?

Did You Know That About 70% Of Them Also Would Rather Scan The Mail For Information Rather Than Their Email?

Did You Know That About 80% Of Millennials Would Rather See Print, Direct Mail Advertising?

Did You Know That About 91% Of Millennials Also Believe It To Be More Reliable?

Did You Know That 90% Of The Millennials Love To Receive Direct Mail?

But, Why Though?

According To The 2016 Mail Moments Review, These Are The Figures We Need To Pay Attention To:


Millennials Non-Millennials
Scan Their Mail Yup – 71% Of Them Do This More Often. 66% – Close!
Discard Their Mail Without Reading It First, At Least Slightly HMM Not So Much 54%. 59% – Way More!
Organize And Sort Their Mail 45% – Almost Half. 40% – Not So Much!
Take Their Time To Read The Mail More Than 3 Quarters For Sure – 36% 35% – Same Thing!
Show Their Mails To Others 24% – Ok But Who Does That? 19% Yeah, Obviously.


But WHY Though?

According To A Study Called The Quad/Graphics Study, About 15% Of Millennials Ignore Direct Mail, “Apparently, Direct Mail – Which Comes Only Once A Day – Has Become A Novelty To This Audience”.

They Just Enjoy It More, They Want To Be Less Digitally Engaged. It’s Just Different, Its About Breaking With Monotony.

USPS Actually Offered Six Points To Remember When Attempting To Send Direct Mail To Your Target Market:

  1. Use Digital Elements So That Is More Familiar Than Not. Use Interactive Materials That Link All Of The Media Elements: Social Media, Website, And Mail.
  2. Keep The Message Implicit. Don’t Divulge All Of The Information At Once.
  3. Be Creative. “Use A Straightforward, Transparent Approach”.
  4. Enhancement Of The Paper. Use Scent Or A Different Type Of Paper, Or Ink, Or Texture Or Sound. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!
  5. Help Them Feel That By Using Paper They Are Actually Making A Difference. They Are Disengaging From All That Loud Noise That Is The Cyber World.
  6. Be Inauthentic In That You Don’t Use Slang To Communicate. Use Slang With Caution!

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