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Using printed materials is one of two of the most effective tools any small and large business will have at their disposal for growth acceleration. Some of those whose attention is captured through online marketing may or may not come back to your site, remember your business name or even know how to reach out to you immediately. This is where printed materials come in handy, they are available immediately, the client does not have to remember much except to read the phone number or email address on the brochure or postcard and Bada Bing Bada Boom, they are calling you to make an order.


Give your market something to read, in-hand, and foster a stronger connection to your company offline. A physical reminder will always lead directly to your business while an online reminder will only direct them to your website. With a physical reminder, they are able to reference it later, quickly and more effectively. The key is to make sure the brochure and the online persona match. Don’t just jump into creating the brochure, make sure it matches with your online brand.


Be Consistent online and in-hand


When people read the brochure, they can also refer to the website and see that it matches. This is a strong evidence of brand success. They can always remember you since they will be able to carry your brand name with them everywhere they go. In the car, your postcard will be there. In their home, in their office – you will simply be recognizable and remembered faster.


Use Market Research and Improve your Tactics


Client research is essential to any successful business. You want to make sure the marketing is targeting their demand, otherwise, it may be pointless as it will not attract them. Understand them as if they were your best friends. What do they need? What are they looking for? Why are they going to contact you? Think about what you need to do to get them to remember you. This is beyond printing, it is about first impressions. Impress them.


Start your Marketing Kit


After doing the research, now you can start the creation process. Don’t use old strategies, always change your game plan according to their needs. Don’t default and use the same tactics over and over again. The public wants surprises, they want to see interesting, new things. Make your brand current and modern!


Plan your Marketing Materials


Make them POP! Use online branding to keep the materials consistent. Use the same design and content, tone and communication tactics you are using online to spread the word physically. Be customer-focused. Use their perspective to reach out to them. Come up with a buyer persona that will eventually match with the persona of the public. Represent the potential gains of using your company through the printed materials.


Create the Marketing Materials


Think! Get the company’s goals in those pamphlets and make sure they can sell. Are they attractive? Are they targeting? Use images to capture their attention. Make them visually impressive and use your product to sell itself through graphics and strategic thinking.


Why Printed Materials are so Effective


Rush Hour Printing and Graphics actually wrote a blog on this a while ago. It is almost human to print. This is so true! Humans, we need to feel and touch materials, we need to be able to reference them quickly and have them in-hand. This is why it is so important to print marketing materials and spread them all over the city, even when you are a large company, it is just ESSENTIAL!


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