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Printing is Human

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Who needs to print pictures when you have social media? This is the ultimate questions of today’s culture. These apps that allow for the storing of your pictures keep your pics for many years, they let you scroll up and down, comment, share them, and even get feedback on them. With the flick of a thumb you get to the pics you want. What an ideal world we live in, right? Well, in spite of all of this, printers will always be needed. Regardless of how advanced our society becomes, these cloud-based apps are not always reliable and no matter how fancy your phone is, you can never replace a printed page. It is really that simple.

Digital version of the pictures are not as detailed as actually printed ones, have you noticed that? The detail you can view only if you get close enough to the page are never matched by the pics online. With paper, you literally do not need battery life, Wi-Fi, Word, etc. You simply do not need anything else but that paper. You can read the paper copy on a long road trip as much as you could read it in the bathroom. You could save yourselves the headaches of a dying battery, having to find a plug to recharge (unless you have the new iPhone X), Wi-Fi signal, Wi-Fi Login Password, and so many other things we have to worry about when we travel and bring our electronics with us. Papers are also amazing because you can freehand on them, your thoughts are more welcoming in that paper with that ball pen than they are on the screen.

You can also become attached to the paper. HOW? Actually, according to Koster (2002), humans can become attached to the odor of certain items, forming memories and experiences that will last a lifetime. This is when a bond can be formed and where paper wins every time. This is why we have Multi-Function Printers (MFP) because the world we live in is not just about scanning, it is about printing too!

Today, we have the option. It is not just about online activity, it is also about forming a bond with what we read. It will either be that amazing book you read that still brings you memories on the way it smelled, right there in the middle as you sniffed it every time you opened it. Or, your memories may be because you saw the cutest dog in this flyer, a dog you always wanted and one that you thought was the cutest of them all (Hint: Rush Hour Printing and Graphics Flyers). Maybe it was that you were able to read this manuscript so much easier in that flight that you thought to yourself, “wow, thank goodness I did not depend on my laptop for this”, immediately as the laptop was dying and you were reaching for the paper copy in your briefcase.

Printing is just about life and culture. It is about human instincts and nature. It is, therefore, human to print!

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