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There are several reasons why printing is just such an important part of everyday business marketing practices.

Reason Number One

Printing is the most tangible of all marketing forums. Anything published, made into brochures, posters and any other type of items are physical, so they can be touched, smelled, read, even heard.

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Reason Number Two

Print grants the business credibility. It is really just like when you get to touch, see and read

The New York Times or your most favorite magazine like Vogue, etc. There is just something to be said about feeling the paper in your hands, coming to you in print instead of online. Being able to print the paper and sending it to you directly feels as though you are special, doesn’t it? A printed piece will always be welcomed while an online advert may be ignored as fast as it appears online.

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Reason Number Three

Remember when Rush Hour Printing talked about Brand Recognition through printing? It is still one of the most important reasons to print. Recognizing your brand is one of the most innate goals of any business and this is done through both online and physical advertising efforts. Printed publications are excellent ways to establish the brand and to continue expanding it, allowing to bring aesthetic beauties to clients with appealing fonts, colors, images and all type of smells, textures and looks. Establish your brand through printing and let the brand be recognized.

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Reason Number Four

Reaching your target market is the primary reason for printing. It may seem like a cost, but let us guarantee you that it will be a cost-effective expense that will lead to a triple if not quadruple response from your target audience. The design and placement of the printed materials will be the one to appeal to the market, the general public. It will be used a phishing tool and an announcement motivator. We love printing because it has a voice. Leverage the data of the demographics you found to be your target market, and be strategic about it. Place your brand first, place it at the right place, place it well and play the game. Win through printing, guaranteed.

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Reason Number Five

Engaging and Engageable, printing will help you engage with your clients and the clients engage with you. Websites are skimmed through rapidly, sometimes as little as 15 seconds is all it takes to engage with a website or online advert. Printed material is different, it will take a person at least 1 minute to read through the marketing materials printed and delivered. In fact, if you print a magazine, it may even take an hour to read, that is what we call engagement.

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Reason Number Six

The Less you print on the page, the better for you. It is not the 50s, the less the better nowadays. Customers are already overwhelmed with an insurmountable load of emails and phone calls, some of us have thousands of emails in our inbox. The less they have to read through, the better. The design must be specific and strategic in order for it to be effective.

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Rush Hour Printing and Graphics is looking to serve you in all possible ways. Our printing skills come from years of experience in this field. Our graphic designers are incredible at what they do. Check out our reviews on Google and Yelp. Our word is our bond.

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