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Check out what our clients are saying about us. We pride ourselves on delivering the best quality end products and stellar customer service and it shows!”

“These guys are so friendly and pleasant to work with – and the printing job for my design project book came out wonderfully – for the price a college student can only afford. Thank you Rush Hour Printing & Graphics!”

“I have been using Rush Hour from the get-go when in G-Town! They are very good. Have used them for my business from brochures to dance concert programs. And even though they have left my area, I am following to the new location! Wishing you many more years too come. Cheers!”

“Rush Hour Printing offers efficient, high-quality services. I ordered a banner for an event that I held in the fall, and I’m sure it will be used for years to come. Thanks to Rush Hour Printing for their assistance and expertise!

“I use rush hour printing for all of my Summer Camp promo brochures and applications. They have the best quality and the best price in this area – HANDS DOWN! I won’t go anywhere else, ever, to get a printing job done in DC. These guys fulfilled our order with Professionalism, friendliness and speed. And this was not an easy order! Banners, posters, programs, business cards, more posters, pull-downs…”

“They did it all pronto, delivered (to VA) on time, and were constantly in touch regarding the status of our large order. Thanks to them, our conference signs looked state of the art and I never worried if we’d end up with terrible signage the day before the main event.”

“Not only that, but they did it all at a fraction of the cost of similar services elsewhere. I recommend Rush Hour wholeheartedly for any printing job that needs to be done right on time.”

“I went to Rush Hour and Jean because of the reviews on Yelp, and I couldn’t have been happier. They gave a reasonable price (not the cheapest, but not the most expensive) and turned around 1,000 business cards within 48 hours. The quality is terrific, and they even provided a money-back guarantee if I wasn’t satisfied. They even delivered them! I run a small business and this was a small job, but Jean and his team treated me like I was their top priority, and they have absolutely won my repeat business. ”

“Perhaps the best testament to my high review of Rush Hour Printing is the fact that I now use them for all of my business and personal printing projects. As a small business owner, I am familiar with many of the print shops in the area. None has provided such high quality product coupled with amazing service… and somehow, Rush Hour manages to consistenly offer very competitive pricing. The owners carefully manage each project, and truly value perfection in their work.”

“I first came across Rush Hour Printing quite by accident when I needed to quickly print an extra copy of a document for the DMV (downstairs in Georgetown Park). Jean, one of the owners, kindly allowed me to print the document free of charge and run back to the DMV. I returned to Rush Hour to pay for the printing later that afternoon and was so impressed by their customer service that I decided to try them for the redeisgn and printing of my business card.”

“After great satisfaction with the new business card, I have returned to Rush Hour for other business projects as well. I can only compliment this company and it’s employees! Had a super important and urgent printing issue. I was advised quickly and professionally. The deadline of a couple of house was not a problem and the result was perfect!”

“Rush Hour Printing is Great! Jean has saved me so many times by printing exactly what I need in a rush, even when my requests are way too complicated for other, non-rush printing companies. Jean worked with me to create the business card of my dreams and he did such a good job. It’s great to have a printing company that you can depend on (and not too expensive either!) Definitely give them a try.Jean, the manager and graphics extraordinare of Rush Hour takes care with every job, and promises that it will be perfect every time. When I was on a deadline, he even had my preinted materials delivered to me (though I also work in Georgetown). He does all of our printing for our restaurant, and has done great work.”

“In short, we at Farmers & Fishers appreciate his service and his pricing, and will stay loyal to Rush Hour.”

“I am very impressed with Rush Hour Printing and Graphics! We had a ridiculous deadline for printing banner-ups for a project proposal. They had to be completed and shipped out of the state in 3 days. We initially worked with Jean, who was both friendly and helpful.”

“They ordered the banner up stands for us, and exceeded our deadline. Thy even shipped everything out for us to make our deadline.”

“A few days later, we had a printing disaster in our office (for the same project). We had to print a large wall-sized poster, and our black print head broke at 2:00 am on a Friday morning. We emailed our file to Rush Hour Printing, and they were able to print it by 11am on Saturday to take to the meeting on Monday.”

“Everyone at Rush Hour was friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. They helped us with our print files to make sure that everything looked great. Not only did we meet all of our deadlines, we also won the project! Jean also called the following week to follow up and make sure everything went smoothly. Thanks guys!”

“Rush Hour Printing helped me out of a tremendous bind at the very last minute, with calm, professional customer service. I live in Portland, Oregon and had to print an addendum to a proposal and arrange for delivery to a federal agency – FAST! They printed my addendum, and had it all ready for the courier service to pick up in no time flat. I don’t live in the DC area and won’t have much opportunity to use their services again, but if I ever need a printer in DC, I know who I’ll be turning to!”

“I give Rush Hour Printing my ultimate recommendation for any copy shop/printing needs. I’m actually writing this because I don’t see any of the past reviews that brought me to Rush Hour in the First Place. I had just moved to DC last year from San Francisco, where there is no shortage of good community-run copy shops that I would frequent for any printing needs.”

“I had a pretty big job of random things to print (like 200 flyers, 30 posters, 500 business cards, and more) for my nonprofit and I needed it all done in one day. Once again, Yelp saved the day when I was searching at the last minute for a good place to print. I saw it was in Georgetown and in the mall, which made me a little worried – I’m used to finding diamonds in the rough – but the reviews were stellar and when I called them, they gave me the quick turnaround time (IMMEDIATELY) that I needed.”

“I went in and Jean, the guy who runs the place, was simply amazing. He took all my various jobs and really invested the time and effort to make sure they were perfect. I had brought in my own do-it-yourself Office Depot paper for my business cards, and they just weren’t coming out right, so he went ahead and printed them for me on their own special card stock, chopped them up for me, all for the same price. I couldn’t believe the quality of the personal service and the attention to detail. They also have free wi-fi and a really comfortable area to sit around and wait. I even had time to buy some gifts for our guest speakers and grab a quick bite to eat. By the time I returned, all my assorted projects were done and Jean even gave me a discount!

I will return here for all my future projects and I cannot give them a more positive review. Please support them, you will not be sorry.”

“Eureka! I finally found the perfect printing company to guarantee their digital copy quality & last-minute turn around at LESS THAN 5 cents A COPY in the entire DC area- their current charge is only 2 cents!! Now, where else in DC – much less pricey Georgetown – can you get a deal like that?”

“The staff at Rush Hour is just great: professional, patient, neat & detail oriented – they even pointed slight ink smears on my original docs & offered to correct them – to perfection at no extra fee! I had with me the .pdf files and they just did it themselves. So I didn’t have to buy any computer time to upload my files to their website (as I had to do at Kinko’s in previous visits!) They immediately gave me proofs & I was out of there in no-time. A job well-done.”

“The manager on-site (Jean) guarantees no minimum charges for our monthly brochures & weekly reports plus free pickup & delivery at their same ultra-inexpensive rate. So, on a rainy afternoon their delivery came in on time for our officer Quarterly meeting.

“We run another job of 10k copies with tabs/dividers, which were on different types of colored paper w/ alternated graphics, coil binding, lamination (the works!). And they did it in like 2 hours… so by the time I returned to my office (after window-shopping at the cool shops inside Georgetown Park mall on my way to the parking level), the job was already on my desk. My office is a 15-min drive from Georgetown. So, from then on, we’ve been uploading our files directly to their webpage & they do the rest!”

“Regarding their prices… I was still waiting for any surprise “price bomb” to drop somewhere on my invoice, but their prices are as quoted – no hidden extras for nothing, unline Kinko’s last-minute fees & frustration. Really, their prices are way too low for Georgetown standards but I’m not complaining!!! I wish them lots of success during these economic hardships.”

“I truly recommend them and you will, too, once you use their services. Ah, they also have special discounts for students.”

“I needed a poster made up for a research conference at my school. I heard great things about Rush Hour Printing from my fellow classmates, so I thought I would give it a try. I uploaded a file right on their website and b the end of the day already had an apointment set up. The manager was so friendly, well informed, and helpful. It surprised me that he took so much time out of his day to meet with me to make sure my poster was of the exact quality that I had requested. Within minutes, he had come up with a very attractive poster template. At the conference, I kept getting compliments from faculty, judges, and other students about the professional quality and design of my poster. It almost didn’t seem fair since the total cost of everything was so small! It was substantially cheaper than other print shops I had been to in the past. I will definitely be using their services from now on!”

“As a student, I must say prices are essential to my everyday living. School materials are pocket-draining!! But I found this place in Georgetown that made my life much easier. Its called Rush Hour Printing!!! Every student must head there. I believe to copy is like 2 cents per page, that’s a big difference from the 10 cents a copy at the university. They are fast and the customer services was truly exceptional. I found my helper now, you guys should too!! Thanks Rush Hour… loved the place too!”

“The best in town. I have heard about this place and wanted to check it out for myself. What a wonderful place to do business. The most helpful staff I have ever met working in the print-shop. Everyone ought to give this place a try. I had 40 books of 20 pages that needed to be copied and professional finished. The manager there politely asked me to come back in one hour to pick them up. It was just unbelieveable. I normally get this job done in another print shop, they take 2 or more days to do. I picked up my books for 1/5 cost of the other print shop. I was estatic. Check them out, you won’t regret it!”

Awesome prices, friendly staff, nice atmosphere. A cool and cozy place at the second level of Georgetown Park Mall. They are one of the few places in Georgetown that offers free wifi. And when I say free, I mean FREE!!! “No strings attached. As I was walking down 34th Street, this guy handed a flyer to me. So, I decided to check them out and as I walked in the place, the staff immediately attended to me and within minutes my job was done, and I was out of there. I paid 2 cents for black and white, and 19 cents for color copies. My damn printer costs more! Very happy with the job they did for me and I highly recommend this place.”

“”They also do busines cards, letterheads, envelopes, large format printing, flyers and brochures!! Check them out guys, you won’t be disappointed!

“Truly a pleasure to do business with. Particularly appreciated their frequent updates on the status of the job as it went through the print process – and the followup afterwards to ensure we were satisfied. Job was completed with a super-quick turnaround and at a great price. Excellent product, packaging, and prompt delivery. ”


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