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There are so many choices with printing, and two of them are the most common: should I print digitally or offset? Because we live in a digital age, a lot of people think that printing digital is the best way to go. But, there are actually times when offset printing is better. When?

  1. If you, for instance, have a logo that needs to be printed exactly the same time and time again, you may want to choose offset printing. Digital printing can be really unpredictable and can causes inconsistency while offset printing can give you more consistency.
  2. Offset printing uses ink and not toner, the lines are finer and the colors are richer.
  3. Offset printing is cheaper when you are printing in higher quantities. For instance, runs on envelopes, this can be done with offset printing because printing 1 would be the same as printing 1000 so the price is going to be cheaper!

Digital printing obviously provides quality but you should really know when to use and when to use offset printing.

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