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Why US

Who We Are


Rush Hour Printing and Graphics combines reliable and dependable printing solutions with a full array of printing and graphics services custom-made specifically to support your unique business needs and provide you with peace of mind”, says CEO and Owner Alex S. He continues, “We love what we do”.  Rush Hour Printing and Graphics has the passion for the printing that we are all looking for.

Rush Hour Printing and graphics is a business that is motivated by the clients’ success, with this, the company takes ownership of its client’s projects and is driven to deliver the highest-quality products possible to assure the maximum success possible. “To Rush Hour Printing and Graphics, there is no greater satisfaction than delivering a finished product that helps a client reach their goals and objectives”.

Rush Hour Printing and Graphics’ philosophy is to constantly strive for the newest innovations. The company’s team immerse themselves at all levels of the organization to completely understand each clients’ distinctive circumstances and printing requirements. The assessment phase is imperative in being able to deliver concrete & long-lasting strategies aimed at providing YOU with the best printing and graphics in the industry.  “Our staff is the cornerstone of our success”, Alex proudly says of his employees.

Rush Hour Printing and Graphics’ team is client-oriented & hands-on, always following your orders and staying one step ahead of the competition with the best and most unbeatable prices in the market. We listen to our clients’ needs and work closely with the client to help each and every one of them achieve their business goals, within the timeframe required and budget specifications. Every person on the staff is committed to providing excellent customer service and producing high-quality products and services, and does so tirelessly every single day. As you work with us in the future, we’re confident that you’ll find this to be true and will be even more prone to refer us to all of your family and friends.

Mission Statement


Rush Hour Printing and Graphics’ mission is to create YOUR competitive advantage through OUR unique printing and graphic solutions. “To provide exceptional service, to follow through on our word time and time again, delivering immediate solutions to our clients’ printing needs“, says Alex. He continues, “We are here to help our client perform at their best in an effective and profitable way through the use of print marketing materials and advertising campaigns”. This is the company’s goal, to see clients succeed, creating a circular process that returns to us for more advertising and printing. “In the same manner that our clients succeed, so do we”. 

Organizational Culture


Rush Hour Printing and Graphics’ primary goal is to be known as trustworthy, dedicated printers who desire the best for their clients in every possible sense. The company and its team want to be known as the trustworthy print shop where everything is possible. The company earns trust by providing the maximum value with every purchase. “We’ll work with your design staff to ensure you receive the highest return on your investment, we’ll dedicate ourselves to finishing your order as quickly as possible, and take the initiative to offer suggestions that could save you money” – The Team Explains. The staff is encouraged to be innovative and speedy but not at the expense of quality. The company only hires experienced customer service representatives who have positive attitudes, a concern for others’ wellbeing, and a high level of detail specificity.


Vision Statement

Our vision is “to always hire the most qualified employees, maintain an exceptionally-organized environment within the print shop in search for continuous customer satisfaction and always have available, low-cost suppliers at an email’s reach, in this way, making the resources always available to meet the demand at all times”.

Company Values


Rush Hour Printing and Graphics was founded on the principle of excellent customer service and employee resources. This commitment permeates the company culture. It just never stops trying to improve! “We instill in our employees the importance of Customer Service,  continuous Improvement, Honesty and Integrity”, Alex says. “But we also respect our employees and value their presence. We believe that our employees are the heart of this company. We sustain a positive organizational culture whereby our employees are trained to succeed through continous development and advancements”.

The company’s use of technology represents another value, the responsibility it holds to a better environmental condition. Rush Hour Printing believes in the need to sustain our current climate and to prevent damage through a strategic supply chain management. Rejecting, refusing and recycling non-eco-friendly products is part of the overall organizational culture here. The alternative use of recycled materials is also part of the company’s goals and objectives. Knowing that, you can rest assured that Rush Hour Printing and Graphics is a solid player in this market, one that is unmatched, a leader on its own right! 


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